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pregnancy scansWelcome to the Fetal Medicine Clinic

The Fetal Medicine Clinic at The Private GP Clinic offers high-quality Consultant-led Ultrasound Scans and Antenatal Care to women during their pregnancy.  The overall philosophy of care is to strive to ensure the well-being of the mother and the baby at all times..

The Fetal Medicine Clinic provides Ultrasounds Scans on site from as early as the first trimester, and continuing through to the end of the pregnancy, to provide mothers with accurate and detailed information about the baby’s development, growth and well-being. These high quality assessments and scans help your doctor to provide the very best healthcare for mother and baby, utilising the best medical evidence available. The aim is to not only to improve the outcome for the baby, but also to assess the chance of developing complications in the mother that can be associated with problems during the pregnancy.

The clinic also offers women the opportunity to have 3D and 4D scans to help them emotionally bond with the pregnancy.

In addition, The Fetal Medicine Clinic provides Antenatal appointments with a Specialist Consultant in Fetal Medicine & Obstetrics. These appointments will largely provide reassurance and confidence but if there are any specific risk factors identified, further specialist care and additional appointments will be offered. 

Professor Ranjit Akolekar, MRCOG Consultant in Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics

The Fetal Medicine Services are delivered by Professor Ranjit Akolekar, MRCOG, who is an accredited Specialist Consultant in Fetal Medicine & Obstetrics.

Dr Akolekar is dedicated to providing women with high-quality, individualised care during their pregnancy by offering a series of specialised ultrasound scans and antenatal appointments. The aim of these assessments is to provide women with accurate evidence-based information to optimize each woman’s experience, enjoyment and health during their pregnancy.

Dr Akolekar is the Clinical Lead for Fetal Medicine at Medway NHS Foundation Trust, and also works at the Fetal Medicine Research Institute at King’s College Hospital in London – a leading clinical & research centre in the UK.  He is actively involved in research and his academic & clinical interests include prenatal diagnosis, and prediction of adverse pregnancy outcomes such as preeclampsia, fetal growth restriction and pregnancy loss. He is widely published. 


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