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health screening sevenoaksHealth Screening

We believe in Preventative Healthcare, led by the principle that prevention is better than cure.  Health Screening Medicals are an excellent way of having a clear picture of your current health, and can be very reassuring.  Areas of potential concern can be highlighted and addressed before they cause health issues in the future..  Equally, it is always an advantage to detect symptoms and signs of illness early to have the best chance of successful treatment. 

We offer comprehensive Well man and Well Woman Health Screens as standard packages, and we can also personalise your health screen to meet your individual needs if there are particular areas of concern, or investigations that you would like or need included.  

Our standard Well Man/Well Woman health screens includes the following:

  • 60-90 minute consultation with one of our experienced GPs
  • Detailed discussion of current health status, paying particular attention to any current symptoms or concerns.
  • Assessment of family history
  • Medication review
  • Full physical examination, including prostate/breast and pelvic examination if appropriate
  • Weight, height, and Body Mass Index calculation
  • Assessment of cardiovascular risk
  • Blood pressure assessment
  • ECG
  • Baseline spirometry (lung function test)
  • Blood tests – including full blood count, kidney and liver function tests, glucose, inflammatory markers, iron and cholesterol levels.
  • Urine testing
  • Cervical smear if indicated
  • Following the consultation, you will receive a full medical report, including lifestyle advice.
  • Also included is a follow up telephone consultation to discuss any issues raised.

The Well woman screen can be booked with or without a cervical smear as appropriate. The cost of the health screens are listed in our List of Fees, please click here.

If the health screen raises any concerns, or there are any abnormalities with any of the tests, then the doctor will call to discuss these with you personally.  If any further tests are indicated, this will be fully explained to you, (including any additional costs incurred) before proceeding with them.

If there are other tests or procedures that you would like carried out during the health screen please let us know as we are happy to build personalised health screens, and will can quote for any additional charges for tests before your appointment. We are able to carry out the complete range of blood tests.  All our blood samples are processed by The Doctors Laboratory in London, who are the premier provider of independent laboratory tests, and provide us with an excellent service.   We also have fast access to the full range of X rays, Ultrasound, MRI and CT scans at a range of private providers  - as an independent pracitce we are able to access whichever private hospital you prefer.   We have strong, working relationships with many private hospitals in the area, for example London Bridge Hospital, Sevenoaks Medical Centre, Chelsfield Park Hospital and Spire Tunbridge Wells Hosptial.