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What we eat plays a crucial role in how we feel and perform, both physically and mentally and has a great impact on our susceptibility to illness. It’s estimated that 80% of all heart disease, strokes and diabetes could be prevented by an active lifestyle and healthy nutrition. Thus the role of nutrition in the promotion of good health is increasingly being recognized.

However, it is often really difficult to know where to start.   It’s easy to get confused by the volume of fad diets around offering conflicting advice, ‘facts’ and bold claims about nutrition and health that are largely unsupported by scientific evidence.  

As a registered Nutritionist and an active member of The Nutrition Society, my approach is to apply the most up to date scientific based evidence to address your individual needs and to develop personal nutritional plans tailored to your specific health, lifestyle and goals. There is no effective blanket approach to nutrition, therefore, I work with you to develop healthy and sustainable eating plans that suit your lifestyle whilst promoting optimal physical and mental wellbeing and reducing the risk of illness.  

Whilst no single food can transform your health on its own, eating a varied and nutritious range of foods can have a big impact on how you feel and you will be surprised at the difference just a few small changes can make.

Nutrition Services available

  • Personal Nutrition Plans
  • Weight Management and Body Composition Programs
  • Nutrition for pre-conception and pregnancy, including PCOS support
  • Healthy eating for the management and prevention of: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, breast cancer
  • Nutritional support to boost your immune system
  • Nutritional support to increase energy levels and improve resistance to stress
  • Nutrition plans to improve sleep quality
  • Sports nutrition (see sports specific section below)
  • Stress & Depression – nutrients to support adrenal function and the immune system
  • Pre & post surgery nutritional advice
  • Childhood nutrition – advice to parents and schools on optimal nutrition for health, self esteem, cognitive development, academic attainment, physical development and sport

Sports Nutrition Services

Good nutrition is a crucial part of sports performance, whether it is at a recreational or highly competitive level. A well-planned nutrition strategy will support any training program, promote efficient recovery between workouts and reduce the risk of illness or overtraining.

There is universal recognition that nutrition affects performance, both positively and negatively, and as with nutrition for general health, there is no single plan that suits all. Your nutritional needs are very specific, dependent upon many factors, including current size, fitness level and the nature, intensity and duration of your training and recovery.

As a registered Sports Nutritionist, I offer nutritional advice and support to clients training for specific events or wishing to optimize their current fitness programs. This involves:

  • Pre, during and post workout nutritional advice
  • Weight management through individual nutrition plans
  • Nutrition for muscle strength and development
  • Nutrition to improve sleep quality and increase resistance to stress
  • Body composition analysis and optimization through diet
  • Hydration advice and education on sports drinks
  • Periodization to adapt to competition timings
  • Race day nutrition strategies
  • Nutrition to offer immune support as heavy training can lead to a compromised immune system and increased susceptibility to upper respiratory illness.
  • Advice and support surrounding supplement use for sport
  • Nutritional support for injury rehabilitation