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Whenever you’re planning to travel abroad, it is vital to get up-to-date expert advice so that you can keep well whilst you’re overseas. At The Private GP Clinic in Sevenoaks we run a comprehensive travel clinic, providing advice on all aspects of travel and a broad range of vaccinations.

All our travel consultations are with an experienced specialist Travel Health Nurse or with one of our GPs with approved travel medicine training. This allows due consideration to be given to the health risks imposed by your destination, and to any personal risks you may have due to pre-existing illnesses. You can then be given expert advice tailored to your exact itinerary and medical needs.

Comprehensive Travel Clinic
Advice on all aspects of travel tailored to your personal requirements
Travel Vaccinations
Registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre
Anti-malarial prescription service
Fitness to fly medicals, and post-travel health checks


With serious infections such as Yellow Fever, Hepatitis and Rabies which are common in some parts of the world, it is important to make sure you have the right vaccinations before you leave. We are able to provide vaccinations for adults and children, to protect the whole family if required. Some vaccinations take time to work, so we recommend that your appointment is ideally 6 weeks before you travel and at least 2 weeks if possible

We offer travel vaccinations including: -

• Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B
• Typhoid
• Japanese B Encephalitis
• Rabies
• Meningitis B & Meningitis ACWY
• Tetanus/Diptheria/Polio
• Cholera
• Tick borne encephalitis
• Yellow fever
Yellow fever vaccination - we are now a registered Yellow Fever Centre, and have the yellow fever vaccine in stock. 

Malaria is a major health risk in many areas with a tropical climate. It is a common disease spread through bites of mosquitoes infected with the plasmodium parasite, and can be fatal. There are a range of anti-malarial medications available, but some are not effective in certain areas of the world, so you should always obtain up-to-date advice before you travel. We can prescribe the most appropriate anti-malarial treatment according to your destination.

We can also advise on all aspects of travel to ensure that you trip goes smoothly – for example insect bite prevention, travellers’ diarrhoea, altitude sickness, and managing jet lag. We also offer fitness to fly medicals if required.

Finally, if you have any health concerns when you return from travel, we are happy to see you for a post-travel health check , for your complete peace of mind.

What is the catchment area for our Travel Clinic?

A a privately run clinic we do not have a 'catchment area' as such. Many of our travel clinic patients come from either Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells although we are attracting an increasing number of patients from further afield in Kent, Surrey and Sussex and London.